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Fertilio Fertile rabbocco

Developed through lengthy trials in collaboration with flower and ornamental plant growers and with the advice of a Team of Agronomists, Fertilio Fertile Rabbocco is specifically intended for regenerating the soil in the pots of house and outdoor plants which have been subject to stresses of various kinds.

Fertilio, is only for TOPPING UP pots; its specially calibrated mix of ingredients provides a perfectly calculated, balanced quantity of nutrients while improving drainage and aeration to allow plants to regain their natural beauty and vitality.

Product Characteristics and Special Benefits:
Produced by mixing the ideal proportions of dark peats and perlite, integrated and enriched with nutrients to a specific, patented Euroterriflora formula.
Very easy to use with no weighing or diluting: saves time with no risk of mistakes.
Just top up the level of soil in the pot or add around the base of garden plants.

Suitable for all foliage and flowering plants:
Risk- free use on all plants of any type and size. The plant regulates its own consumption, taking in only the amount it actually needs.

Natural nutrient release:
The organic matter in the product supplies the essential nutrients in accordance with plant’ normal biological rhythms. The organic matter is mineralised in response to ambient temperature and humidity: quickly in hot weather, slowly or not at all when temperatures are low. The added minerals ensure balanced growth of the root system and entire plant.
Suitable at any time of year and in any growth phase.

Essential nutrients:
The elements essential for fertility are provided in a perfectly calibrated combination, absolutely balanced to plants’ needs. The special characteristics of the nutrients allow plants to take in nutrients as they require them, with no overdoses or waste. No risk of getting the dosage wrong.

Choice quality peat:
Capable of restoring the old soil’s physical structure with no need to change it completely. Restores the old growing medium’s original porosity, improving drainage and root oxygenation.