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sacchetto_salvaterra_piccORGANIC MIX COMPOSED WITHOUT PEAT

This is a new universal, organic mix composed of exclusively natural elements, and created in the Euroterriflora laboratories with the aim of safeguarding the environment, and therefore replacing peat. The extraction of peat and the subsequent drying out of the marshlandsis causing serious damage to the entire ecosystem.

Peat bogs carry out an important function in protecting flora and fauna, and fixing the carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere, thus helping to limit the greenhouse effect.

Whatever peat is used for, the damage that the ecosystem undergoes when peat is extracted is very serious, and puts entire areas at serious risk.

Peat bogs are historically, socially, economically and culturally linked to Man, and make up a wide range of natural habitats which guarantee biological diversity and the survival of certain endangered species. Peat bogs are also sources of water, play an important role in the fixing of carbon dioxide and are the guardians of the geochemical and historical memory of the whole planet.

The destruction of the peat bogs is reflected in the decrease of important plant species, some of which have completely disappeared, and have been replaced by more common species which find the conditions altered by Man more favorable.

Treating the peat bogs in an appropriate manner, means not only guaranteeing the protection of part of the peat bogs in order to leave their natural vital functions unaltered, but also meeting the demands of human activities.

There have been numerous studies aimed at evaluating the environmental impact of the extraction activities.

The intensive exploitation of the peat bogs has caused environmentalists to issue serious warnings about the natural value of these habitats and the non-renewable nature of this material which takes thousands of years to form.

The European Union has issued a series of directives which will ultimately lead to the banning of peat even in the production of gardening substrata for professional and nonprofessional use.

In Euroterriflora’s research labs, we are aware of the damage caused by the extraction of peat.

Studies and experiments were carried out with the aim of finding a natural element which could totally, and efficiently substitute peat.

This is how Salve Terra was born.