The product is a growing substrate consisting of a mix of vegetable soil improvers, pumice and enriched with natural organic pelleted fertilizer.


SALVATERRA® is the ideal solution to meet the requirements of environmentally responsible consumers.

SALVATERRA® is a high-quality universal soil, obtained from a high content of composted and naturally humified vegetable matrices. The presence of pumice counteracts the action of excess water, avoiding water retention and favoring a better growth of the root system. Moreover, the organic fertilization ensures an effective and prolonged nutrition in full respect of the environment.

Product ready to use and suitable for hobbies.


SalvaTerra® can be used in all seasons. It is suitable for repotting and growing indoor and outdoor ornamental plants, vegetables and fruit trees.
When SalvaTerra® is mixed with the soil of vegetable gardens, it improves the physical characteristics of the soil favoring the growth of the root system and therefore of the cultivated plant.

SalvaTerra was created by Euroterriflora laboratories to protect the environment and to replace peat.
The extraction of peat, with the consequent draining of the marshes, is causing serious damage to the entire ecosystem.
Peat bogs play a primary role in the protection of flora and fauna and in absorbing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, thus contributing to the containment of the greenhouse effect.
Regardless of the destination of this material, the damage to the ecosystem caused by its excavation is very serious and endangers the natural value of entire areas. Closely related to man for social, economic and cultural aspects, peat bogs are important ecosystems on which a wide range of natural habitats develop, ensuring biological diversity and the survival of some endangered species. They are also sources of freshwater, play an important role in carbon storage and are custodians of the geochemical and historical memory of planet Earth.
The destruction of peatlands reflects on the plant biodiversity, which decreases as a result of the complete disappearance of species characteristic of peatland vegetation and the increase of common species favored by human settlements and human activities.
Making an appropriate use of peat bogs means on one hand guaranteeing the protection of part of the peat bog in order to leave its natural vital functions unaltered and, on the other hand, meeting the needs of human activities. Numerous studies have been undertaken to assess the environmental impact of extraction activities.
The intensive exploitation of peat bogs has triggered a wake-up call from environmental associations, considering the importance of the natural value of these particular habitats and the nature of this “non-renewable” material, whose formation takes thousands of years; this warning has been recognized by the European Union, which has issued a series of directives that are expected to lead to a ban on the use of peat even in the production of cultivation substrates for professional and amateur use.
In Euroterriflora’s research laboratories we conducted studies and experiments, aware of the damage that the extraction of peat is causing to the environment, in order to find a natural element that could replace it completely and with great effectiveness.
This is how “SalvaTerra” was born!


20 L
n. 144 sacchi/bags
PALLET EPAL (returnable)
20 L
n. 20 sacchi/bags