At the base of the potting soils and cultivation substrates that Euroterriflora produces, exclusively in its plants, there has always been a particular care in the choice of valuable raw materials to satisfy the requirements of its customers.

In order to ensure the best raw materials, Euroterriflora has established partnerships with the most important North European peat bogs for the supply of components that are at the base of the high-quality standard of the productions, ranking Euroterriflora at the top among the companies of the field in Italy and in Europe. Each type of product is the result of advanced studies that the Research and Development Center of the company has been conducting for years, formulating targeted and thoroughly tested solutions, in order to produce a complete range of potting soils and growing substrates characterized mainly by the completely natural origin and functionality of the components.

Regular analytical controls, carried out at the company’s laboratory, ensure the homogeneity of the formulations and the high quality of all potting soils and growing substrates, tracked with production batches. All products are packaged with a packaging of great impact and with all the necessary information that allow customers to choose the ideal potting soil for each plant.

These features allow end users to enjoy the gardening experience in complete peace of mind.

The objective of Euroterriflora is to bring more people closer to horticulture and floriculture, offering the best support with a direct line dedicated to customer service to accompany in the experience of green care those who want to improve and enrich their garden with flourishing plants.

Euroterriflora’s logistics and delivery service covers the entire national and European territory, and is constantly evolving to be more efficient, to offer customers a fast and timely service through selected and reliable carriers.

Euroterriflora has always recovered pallets, reaching a percentage of 90% because the second life of wood generates benefits for the environment, people and the economy. The recovery of pallets prevents the wood from becoming waste and polluting the environment.