The Company

The Company

The company was created by the Bartolini family when , in 1957, the soil of the woodland (Beech , Chestnut, heather etc. ) was collected and sold in bulk to the most qualified nurseries in Italy.
In 1976, this company became Terriflora and located its first factory in Pergine Valdarno in the province of Arezzo, in which one of the first automatic bagging systems was set up.
Initial production was based only on universal potting soil , and then came the development of the full range of more specific soils in the second half of the ’80s , serving the Garden Centres and the largest chains of hypermarkets and supermarkets.
These have enabled the development and growth of Terriflora as a market leader.
The great production and enormous amount of demand required the transformation of the legal set up of Terriflora company and the expansion of production sites with the opening of a new and larger facility in Bucine in the province of Arezzo , which later became the headquarters of the company.
Euroterriflora s.r.l was born in 1999, having as its object the social production, trade , import and export of products such as the main natural organic fertilizers and synthetic fertilizers, pesticides , care products , the health and growth of plants and other ornamental garden products . The activity of Euroterriflora , covers the entire production cycle from raw material subsequently processed to the sale to the authorized dealer.

Its mission is to help to improve quality of life by suppling absolutely natural products that protect the environment and the health of their users, under the Terriflora brand.

Terriflora has a tradition of more than 50 years in the research and development of new products, and makes innovation, and the expertise of its human resources, the key factors in achieving growth and success on the international markets.

Production takes place in the “I Pianacci” plant, currently more than 90,000 square metres in area, with 30,000 sq.m. of this used for raw material storage, 10,000 sq.m. of production buildings and 20,000 sq.m. of indoor storage for finished products.