The Company

The Company

The company was born from the experience of the Bartolini family when, since 1957, it was collecting and selling bulk undergrowth soil (beech, chestnut, heather soil, etc.) for the most qualified garden centers in Italy.

In 1976 this activity was transformed into a single company under the name of Terriflora di Giancarlo Bartolini, with its first industrial plant in Pergine Valdarno in the province of Arezzo, where one of the first automatic bagging plants was located.

At the beginning the production was based only on universal potting soils, and then it developed the whole range of more specific potting soils in the second half of the ’80s, serving gardens and the largest hypermarket and supermarket chains, which allowed the development and growth of Terriflora as a leading company in the market. The large production and the abundant market demand made it necessary to change Terriflora’s legal form from sole proprietorship to Euroterriflora limited liability company and to expand the production sites with the opening of a new and larger plant in Bucine, in the province of Arezzo.

Euroterriflora s.r.l. was founded in 1999, having as its corporate purpose the production, trade, import and export of products such as, among the main ones: natural and synthetic organic fertilizers, fertilizers, pesticides, products for the care, health and growth of plants and other ornamental garden products. The activity of Euroterriflora, covers the entire production cycle from the purchase of raw materials subsequently processed, until the sale to the authorized dealer.

Terriflora and Euroterriflora have a tradition of more than 50 years in the research and development of new products and make innovation and high professional value of human resources, the key factor for the development and success of the company.

Today Euroterriflora’s brands, through its customers, reach the coverage of the whole national territory and the countries facing the Mediterranean Sea. The production develops in the plant located in the municipality of Bucine on a surface of about 90.000 square meters out of which 40.000 square meters are dedicated to the storage of raw materials, 30.000 square meters to the storage of finished products and 20.000 square meters to the production/offices.