The Bio Farm fertilizer

The Bio Farm fertilizer

The Bio Farm Fertilizer” is the natural organic pelleted fertilizer line specific for fertilization, nutrition, care and beauty of flowers and ornamental plants, vegetable garden plants and fruits grown in pots and gardens, for turf, hedges and shrubs.

The balanced content of nutrients ensures a balanced and homogeneous growth of plants. The balanced ratio of nutrients ensures complete nutrition for healthy and lush growth. Created with high quality raw materials, they provide excellent results, harmonious growth and abundant flowering.

Ready to use products thath improve soil fertility by enriching it with natural organic substances

Every single product is placed in a mini display palbox.
Every single mini palbox contains 24 packages of a specific product.
On an epal pallet we can place four mini palboxes with products of your choice.

Bio Farm fertilizer for:

Flowers and plants 5 kg. package
Vegetable garden and fruits 5 kg. package
Turf 5 kg. package
Hedges and shrubs 5 kg. package