Bio Farm Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden and Fruits

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Natural organic pelleted nitrogen fertilizer, ideal to fertilize all horticultural, fruit and aromatic plants, grown both in pots and in soil. The specific fertilizer for vegetable garden and fruits is a formulation based on organic nitrogen with “gradual” release to meet the specific needs of plants in the different phases of the crop cycle. The contribution of the fertilizer supports the development of the root system and soil fertility, promoting the absorption of nutrients by the plant. If used regularly, it promotes the production of healthy, appetizing, tasty plants and fruits with intense aroma.


Bio Farm Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden and Fruits is an organic fertilizer obtained from a mixture of natural raw materials with excellent agronomic value. Bio Farm Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden and Fruits systematically spread in the soil can restore its physical and chemical conditions by improving its structure. The organic nitrogen ensures the gradual release of nutrients, thus decreasing the risk of overdoses.


Regular application achieves the following important benefits:
• increased protection against atmospheric, parasitic and environmental adversities;
• increased growth and development of flowers and plants;
• improved availability of all nutrients;
• increased activity and size of the root system;
• increased consistency and better shelf life of vegetables and fruits;
• increased sugar content in vegetables and fruits, making them tastier.

Instructions for use

Uniformly spread the fertilizer on the surface in spring, summer and autumn, irrigating immediately afterwards to promote the absorption of nutrients. Even if it can be used as a fertilizer on the ground if it is applied early enough, we recommend burying it a few centimeters deep.
Simple and safe to use in doses:
Asparagus, artichoke: 70 – 80 g/sqm
Kale, cucumber, carrot, celery, fennel, zucchini, melon, watermelon: 60 – 70 g/sqm
Tomato, peppers, eggplant, onions, garlic, leeks: 50 – 60 g/sqm
Peas, beans, green beans: 40 – 50 g/sqm
Lettuce, spinach, radicchio: 50 – 60 g/sqm
Potatoes: 60 – 70 g/sqm
Strawberries : 80 – 90 g/sqm
Aromatic plants: 30 – 40 g/sqm
Peach, plum, apricot, cherry, loquat, fig, persimmon, apple, pear tree: 100 – 120 g/sqm
Kiwi, citrus fruits: 120 – 140 g/sqm
Olive, grapevine: 90 – 110 g/sqm

Availability Bio Farm Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden and Fruits

Bio Farm Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden and Fruits - 5 Kg
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