Rugiada Humus Hydro Regulator

Thirty days water reserve

Rugiada Humus Hydro Regulator


Rugiada is a high-tech humus with an exclusive patented formulation, which, thanks to its special, absolutely natural components, is able to provide a valuable moisture reserve that the roots can access when they need a water supply for long periods of time.
After topping up the pot with Rugiada Humus, the plant only needs to be watered once every 30 days.
The water reserve works based on the ability of the components to retain water and release it according to the plant’s demand. There are no problems with mold because the reserve water is not absorbed by the roots except when the plant needs it.
The use of Rugiada also allows to avoid water stagnation in the pot holders which are always harmful for the root system, besides attracting a lot of insects.


By simply topping up, without repotting, Rugiada regenerates exhausted potting soils by providing the plant with the necessary nutrients for the entire growing season.
Finally, Rugiada, always keeps the soil inside the pot soft and aerated thanks to its component, with undeniable benefits for all plants.

Instructions for use

– Remove the top 5-8 cm of soil from the pots, if necessary.
– Fill in with Rugiada Humus. Water generously.
– Watering will be sufficient for a period of about 30 days (depending on the environmental and climatic conditions in which the plant is exposed).

Rugiada, with the necessary watering, maintains its functionality for about 6-8 months


Rugiada Humus Hydro Regulator
10 L
n. 34 sacchi/bags