Organic Blonde Peat Moss

Organic Blonde Peat Moss


The product is a soil improver composed of selected neutral sphagnum peat.


It is a material obtained from the superficial layers of peat bogs.
The product is a soil improver, a material aimed at improving the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of soils.
The product is ready to use and does not require the addition of fertilizers for 2-3 weeks after use.
Ideal for the most demanding hobbies.

Instructions for use

The product is used for planting trees because it increases water retention and facilitates rooting, or as a gradient for the preparation of growing media.

To make soils looser and more porous: spread a 20L bag of peat every 1 sqm or, a 70L bag every 3 sqm, mix with the soil and water.
For the creation of new gardens: spread and mix with the soil, a bag of peat for every 1 sqm or a 70L bag every 3 sqm.
Sowing turf: before sowing, spread 3-5 cm of Peat over the entire surface and integrate it with the soil by breaking it up. Then sow, cover the seed with 1-2 cm of peat, and roll. Peat is rich in natural root stimulating substances.
Planting plants and shrubs: Mix the excavated soil with the same quantity of peat (1:1) and use it to fill in the planting holes. Then water abundantly. Place a layer of 8-10 cm of peat at the bottom of the hole.
Mulching and organic fertilization: water abundantly vegetables and flower beds, cover the soil with about 3 cm of peat.
The layer of peat retains moisture, keeps the soil soft, and enriches it with humus.


Organic Blonde Peat Moss
20 L
n. 168 sacchi/bags
PALLET EPAL (returnable)
Organic Blonde Peat Moss
70 L
n. 42 sacchi/bags
PALLET EPAL (returnable)