Specific Potting Soil for Citrus Plants

Confezione Specific Potting Soil for Citrus Plants - Euroterriflora


The product is a growing substrate obtained by mixing, in appropriate percentages, acid sphagnum peat with a combination of natural soil improvers with the addition of clay and pumice.
The specific soil for citrus fruits guarantees a good growth of lemons and oranges and generally of all the plants belonging to the family of rutaceae. Because of its optimal composition, it allows the plant to draw all the necessary substances to ripen its fruits.


Specific for lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, kiwis, and all other species of rutaceae. Lemon is an evergreen citrus with arboreal development, it can be grown as an ornamental, fragrant, and fruiting plant. Its optimal growth can be obtained only with loose, permeable, very substantial soil enriched with natural fertilizers such as the specific soil for citrus fruits.

The presence of acid sphagnum peat creates a more favorable environment for growth by providing nutrition and ventilation to the roots of the plant.
The mix of organic soil improvers provides organic substances essential for excellent root development.
Clay: necessary to guarantee the presence of the space for a correct balance for the assimilation of nutritive elements.
Pumice: ensures drainage and promotes the proper water balance.
The product is ready to use and does not require the addition of fertilizers for 2-3 weeks after transplanting.
Ideal for the most demanding hobbies.

Instructions for use

Repotting: plants grown in pots should be transplanted in other gradually more capable when the old container is insufficient to contain the root system and the old potting soil is now exhausted and lacks the elements necessary for their growth and survival.

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