Manure for the Vegetable Garden

Manure for the Vegetable Garden


Natural organic soil improver enriched with pulverized manure derived exclusively from the mixing and humidification of green residues and cow and horse manure that have undergone a long fermentation process.


The product is composed of a mixture of natural plant materials with animal by-products, subjected to a maturation process to obtain a natural product rich in nutrients for plants and soil improvement to obtain a more vigorous growth with abundant production.
The product is ready to use.
Ideal for the most demanding hobbies.


Its composition makes it an excellent product for the fertilization of soil for ornamental plants, vegetables and to fill planting holes.
The addition of natural organic soil improver enriched with manure promotes the formation of a stable structure, improves aeration and processability, releasing valuable elements for plant nutrition.

Instructions for use

To plant garden and fruit plants: dig a hole in the ground three times the size of the pot containing the plant in terms of both width and height. Prepare a mixture of half of the “Manure for the vegetable garden” and half of the earth extracted from the hole, removing any pebbles, stones, and coarse parts; lay the plant on the hole and fill the gap with the mixture of earth and “Manure for the vegetable garden”.

For the fertilization of all garden and fruit plants: clean the soil around the plant from weeds etc. then spread the selected “Manure for the vegetable garden” for 8-10 cm around the plant and mix it with the underlying soil so that the “Manure for the vegetable garden” is close to the roots. Once the operation is completed, water abundantly.

To prepare the soil for sowing and transplanting young seedlings, mix the “Manure for the vegetable garden” with the garden soil, a 45L bag every 2 square meters of surface.


Manure for the Vegetable Garden
45 L
n. 66 sacchi/bags
PALLET EPAL (returnable)