Confezione Pumice - Euroterriflora


A rough siliceous stone, formed by remote volcanic eruptions, particularly light and very decorative. Characterized by a high porosity that provides air spaces that improve the soil air conditions, while the pores retain water and moisture for a long time.


The use of pumice loosens heavy soils, allowing air and water to penetrate easily; it retains moisture in sandy and clayey soils; it has a neutral pH; it does not decompose, and is odorless.
Because of these characteristics, in addition to being used for garden decoration, it is successfully used as a soil improver for rooting, potting, mulching, soil improvement on-site, as well as in pots, and for turf management.

Availability Pumice

Pumice - 35 L
35 L
n. 39 sacchi/bags
PALLET EPAL (returnable)