Universal Multipurpose Potting Soil


Universal Multipurpose Potting Soil


The product is a high-quality cultivation substrate, composed of blond sphagnum peat with a mix of natural plant improvers. The quality of the raw materials used, guarantees to the plants an essential boost to have an excellent rooting, growth and flowering.


The product can be used in all seasons.
The product is formulated according to professional criteria and it is the multipurpose soil par excellence, suitable for the cultivation of all green and flowering plants, and indoor, balcony, garden, all varieties of conifers, aromatic and medicinal plants.
The product is ready to use and it does not require additional fertilizers.
Ideal for the most demanding hobbies.


Repotting: Perennial plants cultivated in pots should be transplanted into slightly larger pots because the old soil is completely used by the plants and for this reason it is necessary to replace it with  “Universal Potting Soil Multipurpose ®”, so the roots can receive the nourishment they need. Repotting can be done in all seasons without breaking the soil to avoid damaging the roots.

Seasonal plants: “Universal Potting soil®” is excellent for planting seasonal flowering plants, such as panzé, petunias and verbena, both in pots and in the garden.

Cultivation of bulbs: In spring, autumn and winter it is common to make holes in the soil and place the bulbs about 5-15 cm. deep, in soil or in pots depending on the variety, at a distance of 5-20 cm. one from the other, cover and compress slightly to make “Universal Potting soil®” touch the bulb, then water.

Shrubby green, flowers and medicinal plants: The “Universal Multipurpose Potting Soil®” is ideal for the proper growth of shrubs, green and flowering plants such as jasmine, lilacs, bougainvillea, etc. and medicinal plants, chamomile, gentian, lavender, mallow, etc.

Package suitable for customization with your company logo.
This exclusive customization is made through a flexographic printing of 5×20 cm directly on the package.


Universal Multipurpose Potting Soil
10 L
n. 288 sacchi/bags
PALLET EPAL (returnable)
Universal Multipurpose Potting Soil
25 L
n. 144 sacchi/bags
PALLET EPAL (returnable)
Universal Multipurpose Potting Soil
45 L
n. 66 sacchi/bags
PALLET EPAL (returnable)
Universal Multipurpose Potting Soil
70 L
n. 42 sacchi/bags
PALLET EPAL (returnable)