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sacchetto_stallatico_piccSTALLATICO PER ORTO E GIARDINO®

Essential for fertilizing indoor, garden and fruit plants, lawns and horticultures.

This product is obtained from vegetable materials with animal by-products.
This composition makes this product an excellent fertilizer for the embedding of garden plants (OLEANDER, MAGNOLIA, ROSES, CYPRESSES)
And all species of conifers and fruit plants (OLIVE, JUJUBE, POMEGRANATE etc.), and for LAWNS and flowering and horticultural grounds as well.

Garden and fruit plants embedding:
Dig a hole in the ground, three times the plant pot dimensions in width and height. Prepare a blend with natural Gardner’s Manure and dig ground in equal parts,
Removing stones, pebbles and big pieces from the ground. Embed the plant into the hole, and fill the hole with “STALLATICO DEL GIARDINIERE®” and dig ground blend.

Garden and fruit plant fertilizing:
Clean the ground around the plant from weeds etc. then spread Gardner’s Manure 8-10 cm around the plant. Hoe and mix the ground, to move “STALLATICO PER ORTO E GIARDINO®” near the roots. Add plenty of water.

For ground preparation, seedling and re- embedding of young plants mix “STALLATICO PER ORTO E GIARDINO®” with the ground, 20 Kg for 20 square mater.

50 Lt. All’origine
20 Kg netto